What is a Flotilla? A flotilla is a fleet of ships rented  for a period of one to two weeks. Such events are focused to families with children or to company events. With a Flotilla you’ll be able to enjoy all the freedoms of an independent yacht charter with the added bonus of a set sailing route to follow, supported for a professional team that will make your sailing an unforgettable experience.

Generally the type of boat that is rented on a sailboat fleet is between 10 and 12 meters, in order to to reduce costs of the moorings and make the navigation easier. Some of the events held on board are for example, miniregatas, competitions, recreation, hiking, snorkeling … activities that will delight your children and make your stay on board different .

Every day you’ll be briefed on the destination for the day by your Lead Crew, depending on the weather and then the group heads to the destination. Not all days are coordinated , so you will be able to  enjoying freedom but sail with confience knowing that you are backed by a professional team.


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