Day 1: From Split to Milna (Brac)




Split is probably the most requested and interesting destination in Croatia for its beaches, the beautiful islands that crowd off its coast, its history. It is the perfect place to start a route on sailboat. This city is an important cultural and tourist center; the ancient city is an architectural jewel, declared a World Heritage Site. It is time to take off Milna.

Milna is the most protected and the most beautiful port on the island of Brac. Protected from strong winds and refreshed by the maestral wind of summer afternoons, is an ideal shelter for people and boats

Milna is situated at the bottom of a large cove on the west coast of Brac. You should go to see the beach of Bol. Famous, natural and heavenly; it is a place that must be visited.

Playa de Bol


  Day 2: From Milna to Hvar

 Hvar is one of the most desirable and most visited destinations on the Dalmatian coast. It is characterized by a warm and pleasant climate with plenty of sunshine.

It is characterized by a warm and pleasant climate, Mediterranean warmth and hospitality, various restaurants and taverns offering

specialties and exquisite wines.

Thanks to its position along the ancient sea route, Hvar has a much richer than any other island in the Adriatic history.


The port city has a low protection against strong winds.

You can also take a walk on the island of Vis, with sandy beaches and interesting places to dive.

Near here is another island called: Bisevo Island, where you can see the blue Modra Spilja Cave, a stunning natural phenomenon.

Azul cueva

 Day 3: From Hvar to Vela Luka (Korčula)

Vela Luka is the largest town on the island of Korcula. Sailing in Croatia means «big» and Luka means «port». Two small deserted islands off the bay of Vela Luka can be visited: Proizd and Osjak.

Becoming popular tourist area in just a few years, the reputation of this island formerly had its origin for its important sardine industry. The production of olive oil is still, moreover, known throughout the country.

vela luka


   Day 4: From Vela Luka to Korčula

The island of Korcula is the jewel of the Adriatic archipelago. It has a large  number of islands and inlets, and gives a special mark on it by its lush vegetation.    Around it, you can enjoy thank to Whatsail,  swimming on many beaches, as well as  diving in an underwater world of exciting flora and fauna.

The town of Korčula is also considered the birthplace of the greatest world traveler, Marco Polo, whose birthplace is in the center of the old city.







Day 5: From Korčula to Pomena (Mljet)



This is the most wooded Croatian islands in the Adriatic and a very jagged coast. It is an  island in the beautiful natural surroundings of the National Park of Croatia on its western part.

The vegetation is lush forests extending to the sea and its wildlife is also very interesting and rich.

Pomena is a small port city on the western edge of the island of Mljet.




Day 6: From Pomena to Šipan

Šipan is the largest island of the Elaphite Archipelago (15 square kilometers), in front of Dubrovnik coast. This island has a pristine and abundant nature with authentic Mediterranean vegetation. It is also the least developed. It consists of two ports on the East and Suđurađ Šipanska Luka in the west. It is very quiet and is perfect for relaxing.



Day 7: From Šipan to Dubrovnik

Located in the southern of the Dalmatian coast, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, strong city of Dubrovnik is an important tourist place in Croatia. The climate of the city is marked by hot and humid summers and cold winters, though tempered by the nearby sea.

If you like the Game of Thrones series, it is the perfect place to visit some of the places where the show was filmed.