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Sail in the country with more sites declared World Heritage. Located in the south of Europe it’s formed by the italic peninsula and the islands of Elba, Sicily, Sardinia, and some smaller islands. An ideal place to enjoy a wonderful week sailing o a short vacation.

The island of Elba is the biggest and most known of the Toscany Islands, it is the starting point for a cruise around the archipelago, going from Giglio and Capraia in the north to Giannutri in the south with a fairly mild climate in coastal areas. You will also be able to sail until the island of Corsica which is very close by.

Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean, is a land of culture, a place to dig into the environment, landscape, history and its people as they determine a different sensitivity.

In areas of southern Italy and Sicily the climate is mostly pleasant in the early months of the year until late autumn allowing you to navigate almost the entire year.

In Sardinia, because of its Mediterranean climate, summers are long and hot with temperatures which vary between 30 and 40 degrees and winters with average temperatures and very humid. If you are looking for sun and beach holidays, sail in the summer, so you can cool off in the warm and clear waters.